De-Stress and Detox on a Nature Retreat with a Difference

Life too busy? Never seem to have time to just think? Feel like a hamster on a wheel and too scared to jump off because you have no idea what direction you should or could take? I hear ya! And I think I have found the answer.

Crann Og Eco Stay have what they call a ‘ReNature’ event happening in September –   Having visited them during my 2013 Ecotour I can heartily testify to their passion for natural living with a wonderful gift for making the most of found objects that can sustain themselves. I hope to be able to make this myself having been too busy in work for the April workshop – (the irony – I know!!) .

If you can make it – please do! I have a feeling life will never be quite the same again… 

Over to them:

Back to Nature Retreats – the Antidote to stressed lifestyles

Tense, tired, stressed out, dissatisfied with the world around you? Feel less than vibrant, low energy, not so joyous?
Though living in a highly networked culture with increasing digital connectivity, we can feel even more and more isolated. At ReNature we guide you back, in a much deeper sense than taking a break from the story. We teach you how to renature and enhance your relationship to the natural world, even long after you leave our retreat. Participants emerge from Crann Og reconnected, restored and relaxed. Their shoulders drop, their smiles broaden and they sleep deeper.

Why is it called ReNature?
ReNature is our word for reconnection and re-immersion in nature. It’s all about getting back to your authentic self, minus all the distractions like digital technology, work, media, stress and artificial environments. Take time to slow right down into the moment, coming back to your self in mind and body. Rediscover our interdependence with all of nature, remember it’s importance as our greatest source of wisdom, inspiration and healing.

upcoming reNature retreats
Arrival: Thursdays 5 pm Departure: Sundays 4 pm
28th September to 1st October 2017
Full Retreat: €300 per person

Book Your Place by filling in their online registration form here 



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