Carlow Tours Customized Tours of Ireland

Carlow Tours Customized Tours of Ireland

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Carlow Tours, Day Trip To Kilkenny On Saturday I went along to meet Bianka of local tour company who offer customized guided tours in the South East of Ireland. Today we were visiting Kilkenny Castle, Highbank Orchards (Irelands’ smallest distillery) and the garden village of Leighlinbridge. We met in Carlow Town where we bundled
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Making Elderflower Champagne

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My Elderflower Champagne Making Attempt #1 You may recall that last year I missed my window of opportunity to make elderflower champagne what with college and work, although I did manage to harvest the elderberries later in the year to make elderberry liquor of which I still have half a bottle! This year life has
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From Grain to Bottle – the Slane Castle Whiskey Walking Tour

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From Grain to Bottle – the Slane Castle Whiskey Walking Tour Rock Farm Slane – From Grain to Bottle Walking Whiskey Tour This is the first season of walking tours on the Slane Castle estate and in celebration this tour will be given by Alexander Mount Charles focussing on the production of whiskey from the barley trials at
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Elderberry Liquor taste great!

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What to do with Elderberries Last year I was too late to collect elderflowers to make elderflower champagne  so I looked up some info on what to do with the berries instead and I found Andy Hamiltons Elderberry Liquor recipe. I began it as per instructions and on New years eve completed the ingredients process.
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Tapping a Birch tree for Sap

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Paddy of Hunt, Forage, Harvest shares his experience I came across this lovely blog from PaddyHalligan who blogs about his and his familys’ “attempts to live a little more self-sufficiently…” Having tasted Birch sap at the Maccreddin Wild Food Dinner last year (delish!)I can highly recommend it. Obviously it is important to know what your doing and
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Home Brew Courses Dublin

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Learn How To Brew Beer Successfully Please note: This course is now fully booked – we will have another date soon- please check back. Our First Home Brew Class of 2014 will Take Place in JW Sweetmans Pub 1-2 Burgh Quay Dublin 2 on Saturday 15th February 2014 from 2-4pm During the class you will
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Time to complete the Elderberry Liquor Recipe

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Elderberry Liquer Part 2 Remember 3 months ago we followed Andy Hamiltons Eldrberry Liquor recipe? It has been sitting in a dark cupboard since then and today is the day we take it out for the second part of the process: Pour sugar into the vodka bottle and strain the liquor over the top of
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Wine Making Yeast

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No Bubbles Big Troubles… So as you know I recently attempted to make red wine using my birthday gift from my lovely Twin sister, of a Beaverdale red wine making kit – I followed the instructions to the letter but have noticed no ‘bubbling’ of the liquid. So yesterday I rang a friend who has
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How to make Cider at Home

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How to Make Cider from Pears aka Perry So we have two pear trees in our garden and this year we had a bountiful harvest – realistically we have about 30-40 lbs of pears picked. I picked them about 2 weeks ago so they are really starting to soften now. I want to make Country
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Sloe Gin Time

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It’s time to gather your sloes for Sloe gin making! We will be collecting sloes for our first ever attempt at making sloe gin this week. If your not sure how to identify sloes then why not come along on Saturday 19th October where will learn how to identify them and other tasty Autumnal treats!
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Perry Making Fun!

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Pear harvest and Perry making Truly Autumn is the best time of the year as we get to harvest the fruits of our labour! We have been very lucky this year with our pear trees bursting with fruit. Last year we did not utilise them at all effectively , only adding them to roast veg
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Making Elderberry Liquer Part 1

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Elderberry Liquer As you know I found a cool recipe online for elderberry liquer compliments of Andy Hamilton  and tonight, as I pressed send on my final uploads for college I decided to give it a go! Having collected a large bowl of elderberries two days ago I realised it was time to do this before
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What to do with Elderberry

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Elderberry Recipes Elderberries abound in our garden as I never got time to pick the flowers and they have now matured into berries. Fearing I had missed out on making any sort of nice wine I was delighted to stumble across the following article on the Guardian website where ‘Booze For Free’ author Andy Hamilton
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For the birds…

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Let them eat….Sloes? Alas despite my joy at thinking I had discovered a bountiful sloe hedge last week I had so many things to do ( birthday, work, housework etc) that I never got round to collecting them. Today I eagerly gathered my ‘tools’ ( bag. gloves. ladder just in case..) and set off up
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How To Make Sloe Gin

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Sloe Gin Sloes are the bitter purple fruits of the Blackthorn Shrub which can be harvested in Autumn for making wine, preserves and our favourite, sloe gin. Here is a recipe that we will be trying out shortly at EcoActive Ireland. You will need: 450g ripe sloes 225g caster sugar 1 litre bottle of gin
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