Living Willow Workshops

Living Willow Weekend

Living Willow Weekend Crann Og Eco Farm

Living Willow WorkshopsJoin us in February for 2 weekend workshops teaching you all about working with living willow.  These are completely hands on workshops.

  • Learn how to plant, harvest and sort willow, and the best ways to store and create growth hormone liquid.
  • Gain practical skills in maintaining and weaving of existing willow structures.
  • Participate in the construction of living willow features such as fedges (fence-hedge), arches, domes & tunnels.
  • You will also learn how to make non-living willow items such as garden trellises and cones, and even make your own dream catcher to take home.

When ?     February 20th – 21st  |  February 27th – 28th

1 Weekend Residential: €99        1 Weekend Non-residential:€79

Both include lunch and refreshments, residential includes 1 breakfast.

Gift Vouchers Available here!

Limited places available, so click here to secure your place early!

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