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Downsizing for a Simpler Life

2018 looking bright

What would downsizing your life mean for you

Waterfall Alpaca Farm WestCorkAs my friend and I walked and talked about our lives recently we realised how much we’d like to spend more time in nature, growing food, doing  yoga training etc. 

I began my ecoactiveireland journey as a result of wanting to meet like minded people and get inspiration on how to live a happier, more fulfilling life that allows nature to be a big part of every day. When I did my 2 week EcoTour in 2014 I had such an amazing experience. I saw the beauty of places I had never visited before;  Leitrim – Magnificent and wild west-ish, Sligo – so fresh and exciting, Meath – reminded me of France!, mystical Waterford, beautiful Kerry, Galway and Cork – those sheep that you always see in typical Irish postcards – they exist! I came home invigorated, inspired and raring to go!

Eco Tour of IrelandUnfortunately, as a home buyer of the boom my financial circumstances dictated I dedicate 65 hours a week out of a 5 day allowance of 80! ( I do like to sleep for 8 hours per night if possible – it really helps when you have a super stressful job).

Thankfully I have never let go my dreams of living life the way I FEEL I need to live it – less consumption, more time in nature, less ‘stuff’ more time. Time. Time to meet friends, family, new people. Time to learn how nature works through observation. Time to cheer up someones’ day. Time to cook and bake. Time to build,Time to make music, Time to sew, Time to fix that gate! Time to THINK! Time.

Fused Glass WorkshopsOver the Christmas break I took time out and sat and thought about what I REALLY want in life. So I am going for it this year. For a better work/life balance. I am going to take back some of those hours so that I can meet friends, family, new people, learn how nature works through observation, make music, sew, cheer up someones’ day, cook and bake, build, fix that gate!

I know lot’s of us feel like this and many have so many commitments it can seem impossible to imagine ever getting ‘free time’.

If any of this hits home with you I suggest you check out this nice overview of downsizing from shalommama.com where she shares her own experiences and asks to consider 7 reasons why downsizing for a simpler life might be for you:

  • Health – Just like Shalommama I’d love to “have time to research and implement the things I learn about, like real food and essential oils”.
  • Creativity – Shalommama points out how creativity fuels creativity – it’s so true, when I get the chance to actually make something I find the whole process so satisfying and inspiring.
  • Stress – Whilst I find that Yoga and Gym help alleviate stress for me I still don’t need to be doing so many of the things that I am still doing for others. Time to reassess.
  • Relationships – What works against relationships more than money! I’d rather spend more time walking and talking and playing together than worrying about money. My mum’s heading on a big adventure soon and I’ve hardly had time to chat about it with her.
  • Freedom – well. I’m not sure if I will ever have my debts paid off but I am lucky to have some lovely people helping me to sort this with the bank to a level that is affordable and will allow me to live rather than work until I keel over dead in ‘my’ house at 75 years of age!
  • Money – I love Shalommama’s line of “You can’t spend yourself out of financial stress”.  Having a better insulated home, less petrol requirements, growing more of my own food etc will also mean less money spent or needed. I’ve made a plan, I am implementing it. How about you? What do you think downsizing might mean for you? Read Shalommama’s article here >>

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