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Downsizing – What Happened Next!

My Polytunnel where I relax

Be brave and go for it!

You may recall in February I blogged about my wish to downsize for a simpler life

I was tired of spending so much of my valuable time commuting to and from a job that was negatively affecting my mental health and decided to change things. 

As you know from my January blog I began a year long yoga teacher training course which has unconsciously affected a lot of my decisions including the re-purposing of my experiences and knowledge to focus on Corporate travel and groups that are interested in unique authentic experiences that support local communities and do not harm nature. 

It’s true that I cannot afford much in the way of extras but other benefits are that I have time to plant vegetables and look after them in my polytunnel (cue tasty salads and greens) plus I have planted a gorgeous flower border that will be bursting with Summer colour soon. 

I can plan meals better as I have more time to prepare and can also eat when I am hungry rather than at designated ‘lunchtimes’ and ‘when I eventually get home from work’ and this results in better health and weight management.

OK, It’s still early days and who know what will happen BUT as I am happy to live in the present I can only recommend following your gut and downsizing for a simpler life. 

I guess what I’m saying is that if you’re considering making  a break for it but you’re worried about how you’ll manage, trust in the Universe. If you look after it, it will look after you. 


p.s. the dogs are loving having their ‘mammy’ home more too 😀

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